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“Bira Nona Bina” or “Granny Bina Beer”

A Beer made 100% with ingredients from Val di Non… a beer that starts from the origins.

Matteo, the CiderBrewer, has a very exciting project that involves the entire Val di Non: “Bira Nona Bina”. Are you wondering what is it? Well, one day Matteo woke up thinking that, when her grandmother Cherubina (Nona Bina) was a pritty young woman, was an homebruwer and she was used to use just local ingredients. For this, Matteo decided to do the same and propose  to some farmers from Val di Non to grow 2 unusual crops: barley and hops.  to the farmers of the Val di Non, apparently believed in him, in the project, especially in the product and the territory. The first implants were created fifths and the recipe is nearly finished … we are looking forward to taste the beer and you? STAY TUNED!

“BIRA NONA  BINA”  barley malt, hops and water from Val di Non

bira nona bina-002

Passion, choice to produce high quality products, strong connection with the territory often is in the DNA of the family, in its origins, in its past. The “Bira Nona Bina” project is a tribute to the lifestyle typical from the past years, an hope for the future generation, a chance for our territory.

My Nona Bina (Cherubina) is exactly this: she has had a simple life focuse on the family, without tentation, pure as mountain water.

In is clear that the name of the project was not accidental but is the expression of all the values that are innate in the Melchiori’s family, in its job, in its creativity… this name is a reminder of that time when Granny Bina was producing beer on her chimney.

The Beers come from my experience and passion related to the cider. Those Beers had begun to take shape in my head many years ago. After studies, research and tests, in 2013 the production was began. Sing the beginning the goal was developping special beers that reflects the character of the brewer, or a typical ingredients of the territory … the big news in the Italian brewing scene is not the product, but the taste!



bira nona bina 2-001To produce those beers we need water, barley or other cereals and hops, All those ingredients are quite difficult to find in Italy and expecially in Val di Non.

But… who try and try again, finally succeds! Of course the water and the recipes are local so, also the other ingredients must be local. For this reason  we found some partners that believe in our territory as we do and they decided to grow up for us barley malt and hops 100% from Val di Non. The result is a beer 100% local, “Nona Bina Beer”!

To make things even more consistent, the choice was to produce in organic farming as to obtaina an higher quality ingredients that will enhance the final product and respect environment and people.

The beer that will result is still a mystery. The result however will be a fresh, thirst-quenching, with unique flavors of the past, a flavor that you can not forget because is something that is in your DNA.

 Matteo Corazzolla


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