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After the Agricultural High School, Matteo shown his interest into the music’s world and, through the study of jazz vibraphone, learned the importance of emotions, creativity and rhythm.

In 2007 he joined the family business (which deals with the production of apple juice, apple vinegar and balsamic apple) and started to experience different tastes. With wonder, the love for Cider comes into his life as just jazz music was able to do. Immediately Matteo’s attitude to this unknown drink has been passionate and creative, a way to join flavor from the past and flavor from the future, where the fulcrum of each recipe is to create harmony, rhythm and emotion.

On the wave of the Italian movement, Craft Beer is added to the portfolio. Teo creates unfiltered craft beers with a strong link with its territory: the Italian Dolomites. In some cases the beer reflects the local style, in other cases wants to express the company character (as was the case with PomBier) … all the beers have in common passion, love for the territory, taste and art of combining different ingredients: the right elements that create the perfect symphony.

Here’s how in Val di Non, the Trentino’s Valley known for tasty apples, pure mountain water and fresh air, was born the CiderBrewery, the place where the symphony comes to life and a simple apple is transformed in Italian Apple Cider, and malt, hops and yeast are mixed as to obtained unfiltered craft beers.



Matteo, the CiderBrewer, is defined as the orchestra’s leader, the person who makes possible Cider & Beer’s production through the creation of recipe and the combination of all the elements. He resumes traditions from the past, improve them and throw the new taste in the future as to obtain new and melodious drinks: Cider and Beers.

The Orchestra

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Cider is an alcoholic drink that come from the fermentation of juice. Apple cider is the most popular and well known of all ciders and the first one we produced in our CiderBrewery. Why? Because the company is based in Val di Non, Trentino, in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. This Valley is known because of its tasty and crisp apples. Excellent raw materials, love for the territory, passion for job and … desire for novelty: those are the perfect ingredients for an innovative and unique product! The fermented cider (in autoclave) can be defined as an harmonic melody, which collects everything that has been, is and will be. Depending on the style, Cider is perfect as an aperitif, with first and second dishesl and with dessert.



With passion, craft skills and with the best ingredients! After studying the recipe the orchestra (our staff) begins to play and to give life to the best symphony you have ever heard.

Pressing, squeezing, autoclave fermentation, quality control, bottling, packaging, and then straight to your table! Our cider is produced in a traditional way with autoclave fermentation.

The quality is guaranteed by organoleptic controls and from careful and systematically analyses. The raw materials are local and carefully selected because for our cider we want just the best!

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We all know what the beer is, but, in recent years, we are witnessing to a real boom of craft beers. Craft beers are beers entirely manufactured by a craftsman, following the traditional rules but at the same time looking to an innovative taste and to a carefully selection of raw materials. The production of BIRRA MELCHIORI (Melchiori Beer) started in 2013 and has had a continuous exponential growth as well as an expansion of the range. All the beers branded MELCHIORI are craft beer. This means that the manufacturing plant has been studied directly from Matteo, the Brewer, so as to have a tailored technology of its recipes. With this facility, our manufacturing plant can produce 1000 liters of beer for each cooking. Our Brewer personally controls all the production steps.



After writing the recipe Matteo starts the show and begin to give life to Val di Non Beer.

To ensure natural beer with a great taste we use just genuine and of high quality ingredients.

Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized. This increase the added value because preserve the original organoleptic characteristics, the natural turbidity and the unique taste.


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