Trentino and specifically the Val di Non are the places where it all began and where the Melchiori CiderBrewery continues to operate. The Val di Non is the Valley known for its tasty apples, the main ingredient for apple cider. The fresh water from Roen mountain, the fresh air and the selected infredients, are the elements that give the surplus to Melchiori handcrafted beer.

Take a car, or a Vespa if you prefer, and come to Italy to discover the place where Melchiori Italian Craft Cider and Melchiori Italian Craft Beer comes from. As you leave behind the romantic city of Verona, and travel north, as the Dolomite mountains become increasingly imposing and enchanting, you will arrive in a beautiful valley called the Apple Valley.

Driving across the curvy mountain roads leading to the small village of Tres you can have a wonderful travel to discover quaint Italian villages and breath-taking view. In this area you will see more apples than you can image. In fact this territory is entirely dedicated to the culture of the best apples.

Its here, in a paradise where the best raw materials grow, where in 1994 Lucia Maria Melchiori decided to establish her family business and started the transformation of this whole and high quality apples (organic and conventional) with the purpose to produce the best apple vinegar, apple balsamic and apple juice. After the success obtained with these 2 products that the company decided to produce Italian Apple Cider, something that none have ever heard before. These products are a real surprise for everybody because the Italian recipe, the high quality raw material and the autoclave fermentation make it unique and charming. In 2013 Matteo, Lucia Maria’s son, decided to introduce also an Italian Craft Beer production, with a lot of different style of beers, organic and conventional, all unfiltered and unpasteurized.

The success of this craft company and of its products is due to a careful craftsmanship, an established tradition and a strong link to the territory and with the family values, combined with a modern equipment and a high quality raw materials.

The company was founded here because they were born and still reside the founders; the values of this land are transmitted in every drop of ciders and beers: simplicity, genuineness, concreteness.

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