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HELL italian beer: Italian Charm

HELL italian beer: territory and production process

Strongly linked to the territory in which it is born, our hell beer is a charming craft beer with a strong personality.

Refreshing, fills the palate up quickly to leave gradually place to a gently bitter taste.

This Hell Beer by Dolomites is a craft beer: it is unfiltered because our goal is to maintain its genuine and natural taste and flavour.


HELL italian beer: organoleptic characteristics

Pairings: italian dishes, goes well with meat.

  • Color: opal, amber, almost golden
  • Bouquet: balanced, lightly hopped
  • Flavor: bitter taste, aromatic, medium-bodied
  • Perlage: fine
  • Foam: white and light


HELL italian beer: technical features

Style: unfiltered Hel
Fermentation: Low
Serving temperature: 4-6 °C
Alcohol content: 4,7% vol.
Formats: cl 33 and cl 75

technical data sheet


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