CHE CIAUT CHE FA… Cream Ale Beer for Summer Time


CHE CIAUT CHE FA… CREAM ALE italian beer: the most refreshing



CREAM ALE italian beer: territory and production process

It’s so hot… let’s have a … beer!

With just a sip of CHE CIAUT CHE FA BEER, the hot summer become bubbly. Cold, refreshing, light and fun beer!

The dry hopping enables the hops to show off their aromatic qualities and to give us an unforgettable moment typical of Italian summer!

This Cream Ale Beer by Dolomites is a craft beer: it is unfiltered because our goal is to maintain its genuine and natural taste and flavor.

CREAM ALE italian beer: organoleptic characteristics

Pairings: perfect to give character to summer cocktails! Excellent during the bonfire on the beach or in the mountains.

  • Color: amber with gold highlights
  • Bouquet: pleasant aromatic notes of hops
  • Flavor: refreshing and aromatic
  • Perlage: fine
  • Foam: white and light


SMOKED italian beer: technical features

Style: unfiltered Cream Ale
Fermentation: High
Serving temperature: 4-6 °C
Alcohol content: 4,5% vol.


technical data sheet


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