Italian Extra Dry Apple Cider: italian elegance.


Italian Extra Dry Apple Cider: territory and production process

Extra Dry Apple Cider is the result of the autoclave fermentation of high quality apple juice.

The mix of sweet and sour apple, give us a new and tasty product; the whole fruit ensure its high quality.

The skillful combination of various ingredients transforms our Extra Dry Apple Cider in a charming nectar from the Dolomites which represents a flavor innovation. Extra dry means elegance, sophistication and passion: the perfect partner for dinners and special events.


Italian Extra Dry Apple Cider: organoleptic characteristics

Pairing: excellent throughout the meal and for special events.

  • Colour: straw yellow
  • Bouquet: elegant, fresh, full-bodied, recalls the scent of the forest
  • Taste: well balanced, full-bodied and aromatic
  • Perlage: fine and persistent


Italian Extra Dry Apple Cider: technical features

Serving temperature: 4-6 °C
Alcohol Content: 8% vol.
Format: 8% vol.

technical data sheet


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