POMBIER Organic Beer


SPECIAL organic italian beer WITH APPLE JUICE trentina: the most symbolic


SPECIAL organic italian beer WITH APPLE JUICE: territory and production process

Strongly linked to the territory in which it is born, our apple beer recalls the well-known flavor of its homeland: the sweet freshness of the mountain apple.

At first glance, delicate and refreshing, it later becomes full and aromatic. Its fruity flavor makes Organic PomBier special and unique.

PomBier, this Organic Apple Beer by Dolomites is a craft beer: it is unfiltered because our goal is to maintain its genuine and natural taste and flavor.


SPECIAL italian beer WITH APPLE JUICE: organoleptic characteristics

Pairings: goes well with typical hearty appetizers as cured meats and young cheeses, refreshing if drunk to the end of the meal.

  • Color: opalescent tending to gold
  • Bouquet: malty, slightly hoppy
  • Flavor: aromatic and fruity
  • Perlage: fine
  • Foam: white and light


SPECIAL italian beer WITH APPLE JUICE: technical features

Style: unfiltered Organic Special Beer with Apple Juice
Fermentation: Low
Serving temperature: 6-8 °C
Alcohol content: 5,5% vol.
Format: cl 50

technical data sheet


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