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WEIZEN italian beer: A CERTAINTY


WEIZEN italian beer: territory and production process

Strongly linked to the territory in which it is born, our weizen beer is the reinterpretation of a classic Bavarian beer, exciting and captivating.

Refreshing, full-bodied and slightly tart , perfect for summertime tasting.

This weizen by Dolomites is a craft beer: it is unfiltered because our goal is to maintain its genuine and natural taste and flavor.


WEIZEN italian beer: organoleptic characteristics

Pairings: special pizzas or light meals such as salads. A classic with Weisswurst.

  • Color: light golden with obvious turbidity
  • Bouquet: fruity, lightly hopped
  • Taste: notes of cereals, cropped slightly bitter slightly persistent, refreshing
  • Perlage: intense
  • Foam: abundant, dense and persistent


WEIZEN italian beer: technical features

Type: unfiltered Weizen
Fermentation: High
Serving temperature: 4-6 °C
Alcohol content: 5,4% vol.
Format: cl 50

technical data sheet


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